Field Work & Surveying

ECSF has field experts of various domains and field instruments which could be hired according to the requirements of academic and industrial projects.


Water & Soil Quality

ECSF has experts and infrastructure to monitor and analyze water quality and soil of freshwater, brackish and marine environments.

Taxonomy and biodiversity

We have ample expertise in taxonomy of plankton, fish and mangroves of estuaries and coasts.

Data Science

ECSF scientists are trained in data science to provide statistical solutions for various projects, dissertations, thesis and manuscripts using CRAN R, SPSS, Minitab and PRIMER.

Scientific Writing

ECSF has professionals of Zoology, Marine Science, Environment, Botany, Fisheries, Taxonomy, Geomorphology and Civil Engineering who provide concepts and assistance in writing projects, proposals, reports, dissertation, thesis and manuscripts for academia, NGOs and industry.

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