Dr. Kanailal Das

PhD in Geography
Expert : Geomorphology, Vulnerability assessment

Dr. Jhimli Mondal
PhD in Zoology
Expert: Tunicate Taxonomy and Ecology
Dr. Arunodaya Gautam

PhD in Zoology
Expert: Environmental Toxicology and Invertebrate Immunology

Dr. Anish Bhattacharya

PhD in Biochemistry
Expert: Coastal microbiology and biochemistry

Mr. Ashis Biswas
MSc: Jadavpur University
Expert: Coastal community development and policy
Dr. Tanoy Mukherjee

PhD in Zoology
Expert: Wildlife and Geospatial applications

Dr. Tanmoy Nandy

PhD in Marine Science
Expert: Zooplankton and benthos

Moumee Jesmin

PhD Scholar, Social Work
Expert: Social Development, Public Health, Gender Equity, Environment

Dr. Anirban Akhand
PhD in Ocenography
Expert: Blue Carbon and Biogeochemistry
Dr. Danilo Calliari

PhD: Biological Oceanography
Expert: Plankton ecology, ecological-physiology, food web, coastal ecosystems.

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