Seminar / Webinar

Future imperfect: A case study on Kolkata

On 27 April 2024 a one day seminar was held at the Chandernagore College as part of the MoU activity on ‘Future imperfect? A case study on Kolkata’. Dr. Kanailal Das the incharge of the social science wing of the ECSF has eloquently described the timeline of Kolkata’s past present and future from a perspective of sustainability. The lecture was attended by the students and faculties of the Chandernagore College and the ECSF.

International seminar hosted jointly by ECSF and Berhampur University

An International workshop on ‘A net autotrophic metabolic balance in Uruguayan marine coastal waters: background and recent results’ of Dr. Danilo Calliari, Associate Professor of Ecology and Environment, University of the Republic, Uruguay was organized jointly by the ECSF and the Berhampur University. The seminar was held at the Seminar hall of the Department of Marine Sciences on 26 February 2024. The program was attended by various faculties, scientists and postgraduate students of Odisha and West Bengal.

ECSF-DHWU jointly hosted international seminar on biological oceanography.

ECSF and Diamond Harbour Women’s University jointly hosted international seminar on biological oceanography. Dr. Danilo Calliari, Associate Professor of Ecology and Environment, University of the Republic, Uruguay presented his lecture on ‘Plankton diversity and current research in Uruguayan waters of the South West Atlantic’. His seminar engaged discussions on developing estuarine studies in the Ganges. Students and faculties of the Zoology, Botany and Geography departments took part in it. The occasion was graced by the Registrar Dr. S Rahaman, SERB JC Bose Fellow Dr. C Mondal, and many other distinguish academicians. The event was jointly convened by Dr. S Das of Zoology and Dr. S Paul of ECSF. Dr. Calliari was facilitated by DHWU for his scientific contributions.

ECSF and WBSU one day international lecture cum hands-on training of plankton ecology

The ECSF and WBSU have successfully organised a one-day international lecture on “Environmental overview and current research on coastal oceanography in Uruguay” Delivered by Dr. Danilo Calliari ( Associate professor, Ecology and environment, University of the Republic, Uruguay) 12 PM onwards of 6th February 2024 at the department of zoology, West Bengal state university, India. The said programme also imparted a hands-on training of water quality and plankton biology. The event was attended by the postgraduate, PHD students of WBSU, ECSF and faculties of different colleges and universities of West Bengal, India. The honourable vice chancellor of the university has graced the occasion

Ocean and Life: Tides are Changing
The foundation has hosted an international webinar ‘Ocean and Life: Tides are changing’ to celebrate World Ocean Day 2023 on 8 June from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. The webinar was endorsed by IOC-UNESCO UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). This was also a joint venture between the ECSF and the Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) Program for providing young scientist a platform to disseminate their research and views on Ocean Literacy. Scientists and faculty members of United Kingdom, Oman, Kuwait, Taiwan, Germany and India have presented their research and perspectives on sustainability of estuarine, coastal and marine issues and raised concerns about the changing climate. The webinar drew about 250 participants over Zoom and YouTube. Participants include faculties, scientists, students, nature enthusiasts of various universities of Indian and abroad.
A National Webinar on Soil Sustainability
The Foundation has hosted a National Webinar on ‘Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Mitigation’ on 21st May, 2023 at 6:30 PM IST on Zoom Platform. The lecture was delivered by Suvadip Neogi. The participants were across disciplines and career stages from various parts of India. The discussion on Soil Sustainability touched upon the issues such as Sustainable Agriculture, Carbon Emission, Food Security and Alternative Career Paths for professionals and students.
A national webinar on wildlife

The foundation has hosted a national Webinar on ‘Demystifying Human-Wildlife Conflict’ delivered by Mr. Ratul Saha of Ernest & Young, India. The webinar happened on Zoom platform at 6.30 PM IST of 15 May 2023. The participants were across disciplines and career stages. A pan India participation was noticed. The discussion enlighten many aspects human-wildlife conflicts, entrepreneurship and alternative career paths for students.


UN Ocean Decade endorsed Webinar on Tropical Cyclone

A webinar was hosted by the Foundation on ‘The ‘new normal’ of tropical cyclone (typhoon) flooding: Implications for nutrient cycling and water quality‘ at Zoom on 1 May 2023. The Speaker was legendary Professor Hans W Paerl. Professor Paerl spoke about hydrological, biogeochemical, carbon cycle and planktonic changes that cyclones cause to estuaries. He and the participants discussed the pre- and post-cyclone management of cyclone impacts on estuaries. The webinar attracted a PAN India audience and some distinguished guests across different countries of Asia. The webinar was endorsed by the IOC-UNESCO UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030).

One day seminar on ‘Exploring the dynamic inferface: Understanding the coastal and estuarine environment’.

The foundation in association with Shibpur Dinobundhoo Institution (College) had held a one day state level seminar on ‘Exploring the dynamic interface: Understanding the coastal and estuarine environment. This event is a result of the MoU activities between two institutions. The seminar was attended by faculties of different colleges, school teachers, undergraduate students of different disciplines. In future two institutions would carry out hands-on activities and workshops related to environmental issues.

One day state level seminar on research methodology and environmental research manuscript writing

ECSF and Chandernagore College has jointly conducted a workshop on research methodology and environmental manuscript writing. This is a part of the ‘Know your Ganges’ program. The students and faculties of both the organization attended the seminar.

Date: 02.03. 2023
Venue: Chandernagore College

Physical oceanographic and Dr. Meenakshi Chatterjee
ECSF celebrated the life and work of one of the India’s best ocenographers Dr. Meenakshi Chatterjee. In this national event faculties, scientist, researchers and students gathered together to remember and carry forward the legacy of physical oceanographic work in Indian Sundarbans. Venue: Online; Date: 11.01.2023.

Advances in Coastal-Marine Studies in Indian Ocean

For celebration of the World Ocean Day (8 June) of 2022 the foundation has conducted an international webinar on ‘Advances in Coastal-Marine Studies in Indian Ocean’. Different early to mid-career scientists and faculties of India, South Africa and Oman have participated in the event.

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