Student Project Title Course Status Guide(s) Completion Year
Dr. Laxmi Devi P Bioaccumulation of Heavy metals in the planktonic food web of Indian Sundarbans INSA Summer Research Fellow Completed Dr. Sourav Paul 2023
Soumi Ghosh Role of Folate gold nanoparticle in amelioration of hepatotoxicity Summer Internship Completed Dr. Mahammed Moniruzzaman 2023
Susmita Hazra Efficacy of Melatonin in the amelioration of endotoxin induced brain inflammation in Zebrafish Summer Internship Completed Dr. Mahammed Moniruzzaman 2023
Jhinook Mitra Assessment of copepod grazing in the lower stretch of Ganges estuary. YECS Ongoing Dr. Bhaskar Deb Bhattacharya
Aritra Bhattacharya Acoustic variations of birds in contrasting landscapes. YECS Completed Dr. Tanoy Mukherjee 2023
Puja Mishra Microzooplankton diversity of salinity limiting zone of Ganges estuary YECS Completed Dr. Jhimli Mondal,
Dr. Bhaskar Deb Bhattacharya
Debarati Sengupta Calibrating the measurement of zooplankton diversity in Indian Sundarbans YECS Completed Dr. Sourav Paul,
Dr. Danilo Calliari
Ayan Mallick Zooplankton community structure of a low salinity zone of Ganges estuary NGSF Funded Internship Completed Dr. Sourav Paul 2022
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