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Ocean Literacy Initiative


In 2023, Estuarine and Coastal Studies Foundation (ECSF) initiated its Ocean Literacy (OL) program to advance and promote marine and environmental science courses in India. This program is inspired by the ‘Ocean Literacy for All’ program of IOC-UNESCO and Early Career Ocean Professionals- Ocean Literacy Task Team (UN Ocean Decade endorsed programme). Ocean Literacy (OL) is defined as “An understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean (UNESCO)”.Our primary objective is to educate young minds about Ocean, Climate and Community.


  1. Educating youths (mostly 14-21 years old) about Ocean and Climate
  2. Reaching  underrepresented coastal communities to connect them to the sea
  3. Creating awareness among general public and spreading the messages of UN Ocean Decade
  4. Promoting the establishment of Ocean Literacy network in India
  5. Production of resource materials, engaging visual contents and launching youth focused webinars

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Debarati Sengupta

Ocean Literacy Coordinator
Mail: [email protected]

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