Young Estuarine and Coastal Scientist

We are committed to develop critical thinking and hands-on skills among young scientists through the ‘Young Estuarine and Coastal Scientist (YECS)’ program. An YECS in future may take up estuarine, coastal and marine research and profession. Each YECS is encouraged to take up his/her unique project and implement that during the course.


  1. Exposures to field and laboratory works, data analysis and scientific writing.
  2. Mentored by scientists and subject experts.
  3. Career counseling for academic and professional life, letter of recommendation.
  4. Interactions with scientists of various research institutions, universities and industries.
  5. Exposure to conference, seminars, workshops, scientific publication.
  6. Certification.


As per project requirement


Postgraduates / undergraduates of science and social science


Depends on the proposed project activity of the YECS
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