International workshop on estuaries

An international workshop on ‘Ecosystem Dynamics of estuaries’ was conducted on Ganges estuary on 10-11 February 2024. Participants included students, researchers and professionals of various colleges of University of Calcutta, CUSAT and KUFOS Kerala, College of Fisheries (OUAT) Odisha, Linkon University of Malaysia and so.

Dr. Danilo Calliari (UdelaR, Uruguay), Dr. Mahammed Moniruzzaman (KNU, India), Mr Samya Karan (ECSF) imparted the training of ecological physiology work on phytoplankton, microzooplankton, mesozooplankton and fishes on hourly basis. Demonstration team also included Jhinook Mitra, Puja Misha, Sayani Dhara who showed how to keep going for tidal and hourly basis for 24 hours studies. Participants also learned measured pulse of Ganges for every minute for 24 hours! Thanks to the sponsors who helped in kind.

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